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Hey there, I'm Louise

I spent years in the same mid level role. Despite all of my hard work running many high profile projects, I was repeatedly overlooked for promotion. Yet continually turned to for the the things I did well. I made things happen through marketing, design work and building and delivering projects. I did all my research, tailored my communications to my audience, then delivered. Every detail considered to create the best possible experience and outcomes. I did it again, and again. 

They were very happy to keep me where I was, but I was ready to grow.

So I took all my digital skills in marketing, design, project experience, being detail oriented and a drive to produce high quality work and started Humankind Design. See, when I create an event or project from a big idea, I take people on a journey. From first stepping into a venue I want them to get the right message. It’s all about customer experience and the details, every touch point. And that’s what I want to do for your audience who’s experiencing your portfolio, your work. So they understand what you’re about and want to work with you. 

For many years I’ve been fascinated by creative people, the whole elusive muse thing! Perhaps now realising I wish I’d chosen this path sooner. Now I want to surround myself with the doers and the dreamers, the big picture thinkers, just like me. The creatives with the big ideas and the positive vibes. 

I created HumanKind Design to serve you with a beautiful bespoke portfolio website that you can be proud of and will land you that top role or dream client. Because you shouldn’t be sitting there stagnating and under appreciated either.

Let’s get your big ideas out there and get you what you deserve! 



Yes! We are not going to hold you to an extortionate management fee like many other people who sell websites. By using the latest software you’ll find it’s very easy to edit text, images and other content. You’ll be able to change almost anything, and add to your portfolio as you grow. 

A bespoke portfolio website from HumanKind will cost £1500 for the development.

We recommend SiteGround for hosting based on their features, speed, performance and reputation. You can expect to pay around £6 per month, including free SSL certificate and, the super speedy, Cloudflare CDN. 

If you already have a domain we can connect this to Siteground for you or you can purchase a domain through SiteGround and can expect to pay around £10-15 per year.  

There is a mandatory maintenance package for £10 / month (billed annually in advance) which covers all software used to build your site and security services.  (This would cost you at least £259 per year if you purchased them for yourself). 

There is also an optional £20 / month package (an extra £10 / month on top of the mandatory) For this we will update all the software for you regularly as well as provide a report for you each month to feedback on updates, backups made, uptime monitoring and analytics. 


You do. We won’t own anything of your website. If you want, we can even give you full admin rights, and you can delete our role permissions and maintain your own site.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share your site in our portfolio and with other potential clients.

Usually the website can be completed and go live within one month. This will depend on the number of pages, complexity,  amount of revisions we go through and how quickly you can provide your assets. 

Land That Next Top Role!